Maria Reich finds inspiration for Oscar de la Renta

The president of Oscar de la Renta’s fur division, Maria Reich, found an oasis of tranquility with a wealth of inspiring ideas at Saga Furs Design Centre. Her visit gave her a hands-on opportunity to gather knowledge about innovative furrier craftsmanship techniques that can help form future collections for the house.

“Our Spring-Summer ‘17 collection was influenced a lot by Saga innovation such as using Fox on Fabric and other Saga techniques applied to fox. We’ve received good feedback,” Reich says. “I believe we will explore more possibilities with fox for fall as well as ideas like a 3-D effect with mink and working with different hair lengths, colours and the like.”

Lovingly referred to as, “The Fur Boss,” for her experience and energetic, creative approach to the world of luxury furs, Reich is also the president and creative director of New York’s Reich Furs.

Design Centre offers the perfect atmosphere for applying creativity to inspiration

The design centre team presents new ideas in fur to Oscar de la Renta co-creative director Laura Kim “The visit allows an opportunity to see and experience how to work with fur. Saga Furs Design Centre is a nice relaxing place that gives you a peaceful mind, just right when you need to be creative. It allows you to get back to basics, the simplicity of it all,” Reich says.

The enthusiasm and expertise shown by the Design Centre staff also proved to be a valuable element of the visit. “I’m very excited to meet the creative team here; I’ve heard quite a lot about them for a long time. It’s also impressive to see the women that make up this young, intelligent team, as the fur trade has traditionally been dominated by men.”

Fur’s current and future status builds upon quality, craftsmanship and responsibility

Reich tells how she believes today’s unprecedented popularity of fur will continue into the future.

“Fur is growing and being used in more creative ways such as a big variety of accessories or all-season pieces. It is also fitting into young people’s lives if you look at fur slippers, hoodies or similar items. And we need to keep in mind that consumers now have better and reliable knowledge of fur. The consumer base has expanded as people learn that fur means eco-friendly products and sustainability.