Minds blown at hugely successful Fur Vision events in China

Chinese designers and fashion companies encountered an awe-inspiring collection of technique samples and Saga Furs skins at Fur Vision gatherings in the fashion capitals of China. Both happenings drew leading fashion designers, brands, design schools, media and retailers to Beijing on 3-4 November and Shanghai 6-7 November.

“Even though it’s just the second time we have staged Fur Vision in China, the events have already succeeded in capturing the attention of local designers,” says Samantha Vesala, Saga’s business director in Asia. “We have confidence that Chinese designers will be one of the main forces that push fur fashion forward.”

Inspiration and innovation open doors to new business opportunities

Fur Vision presented more than 120 technique samples in Saga® Mink, Fox and Finnraccoon, along with a display of the major types of skins Saga Furs auctions have to offer. The hands-on exhibits generated a storm of interest and flurries of questions from designers who will take these fundamental ideas a creative step forward.
Some of the more popular craft techniques included fur mixes with hand- knitted fabrics, mink with pressed innovation patterns, and Arctic Finnraccoon sheared in different lengths.

Visitors were also eager to learn more about the Fox Trim collection, especially the potential for techniques such as Airgallon, Fox & Fabric and Fox & Knit with their soft and light appeal.

Inspiring elements of Saga Furs’ sustainability standards add value

“Fashion designers and brands are greatly inspired by what they discover at Fur Vision and many of them have totally changed their view on fur. They become more confident using fur after they learn about our Saga Certification Program and Traceability System,” says Vesala. “We are willing to share our innovation and sustainability achievements; it’s a greatly appreciated package deal with business benefits. ”

Saga Furs introduced Fur Vision to China in 2015 and the efforts proved to be highly successful in providing inspiring innovation and know-how to this all-important market.