Mink challenges continued, while Finnraccoons were 100% sold

The mink sale continued today with the offering of Silverblue, Pearl, Palomino and the exclusive BLACKGLAMA mink collection. In addition, we offered 20,000 Finnraccoon pelts and nearly 18,000 pelts of Farmed Sable.

The mink sale followed the same pattern as yesterday in terms of sale percentages and velvet types. Also today, the main purchases were to Turkey, Greece, other western markets, as well as South Korea.

In the afternoon the sale continued with the offering of Finnraccoon which achieved full clearance. The main purchases were to Russia, South Korea, Turkey and European fashion industry. Farmed Sable sale was also very positive and was 2/3 sold with increasing prices.

The online auction will conclude tomorrow with the sale of Blue fox, as well as other fox types.