Moon Lau from China Triumphs in Sustainable Fur Design Competition 2023

Moon Lau, a Fashion and Textiles student at HK Polytechnic University, emerged victorious in the “Sustainable Fur Design Competition 2023,” organized by the HK Fur Federation. Guided by the theme of repurposing vintage garments, Moon’s award-winning design showcased her creativity and commitment to sustainable fashion. The competition was supported by Saga Furs, which offered a fur design course at the Saga Furs Creative Hub in Finland.

Moon Lau, a dedicated Fashion and Textiles student at HK Polytechnic University, recently clinched the top spot in the prestigious “Sustainable Fur Design Competition 2023,” hosted by the HK Fur Federation. The competition, advocating for the exploration of vintage garment reuse through creative transformations, received extensive support from Saga Furs. The renowned fur industry leader provided invaluable assistance by offering a comprehensive fur design course at the Saga Furs Creative Hub in Finland.

The core of Moon’s award-winning re-design revolves around a richly polysemous theme, drawing inspiration from the vibrant color palette of “Great Wave off Kanagawa.” Her meticulous craftsmanship is evident in the fox hood trimming, which cleverly symbolizes the ebb and flow of waves. Moon seamlessly amalgamated elements from Ukiyo-e, y2k, and pop fashion, resulting in a multi-piece garment that not only showcases her creative prowess but also enhances functionality.

During her enriching experience with Saga Furs, Moon delved into the nuances of different pelt types and gained insights into sustainability of fur. Interacting with designers from different countries during the seminar, including France, Germany, Dubai, and Italy, broadened her perspective on the fur industry and challenged preconceived notions about the ethics of fur.

As part of a workshop project, Moon crafted a unique cross-body bag utilizing the checkerboard technique. Adorned with a delicate mink flower and quirky embellishments, the bag is a testament to Moon’s innovative approach to fur design. Grateful for the guidance received at Creative Hub, Moon acknowledges the tutors for setting her on this inspiring trajectory.

“Fur is a sustainable and biodegradable material that can be used to create beautiful products. This information is important for me to share with my friends because fur can be a part of a responsible and ethical fashion approach. I believe sustainability is closely related to us, not only as an environmental concept but also as our duty. It is environmentally friendly, making it a zero-waste material,” affirms Moon Lau, emphasizing the environmental advantages of fur as a choice material in responsible fashion.