The new intensive fur education module starting at Centria UAS in Autumn 2018

Partnering with designers, students and universities has been part of Saga Furs way of working since 1970’s. One of Saga Furs’ partners is Centria UAS in Finland – the only University of Applied Sciences in the world specialized in fur design and marketing. Whether you have previous fur studies or not there’s a module for you now to apply.

Saga Furs has always led the way in fur industry development whether we talk about sustainability, traceability, fashion or fur craftmanship. In 1988 Saga Furs Design Centre opened its doors to inspire designers and fashion industry, but above all to develop the new uses for fur and to share them with the world of fashion.


Master your skills of working with fur – It’s time to apply for an intensive study and training program at Centria UAS

If you are interested in fur design, there’s an interesting learning opportunity! Centria UAS in Finland is the only University of Applied Sciences in the world specialized in fur design and marketing. Centria UAS is situated in Ostrobothnia region, which is known worldwide for its fur production. Now Centria UAS is introducing a new line of intensive training in fur consisting of two modules: one term for basic skills and one term for more advanced skills.

To study in the first module, you don’t need previous fur studies, but the second one is targeted at people already working within the trade or people who already have the basic skills. Centria’s team of expert teachers will also be assisted by many international professionals and designers from the fur trade and other industries. Centria’s mentor and design director Basil Kardasis from Royal College of Art, London, will also be instructing.

Application period for both modules continues until 15 May 2018. Read more about the modules here and apply now!

More information: lector Pia Blomström,