Quality is Key for Saga Furs’ First Owner of a Top Lot Bunny Pair

Mr. Li of Liaoning Ruixin Import & Export Co. Ltd., China has become the first customer to buy two Top Lots at a single Saga Furs auction. He first purchased the White female Saga® Mink Top Lot on March 11th through Mr. Ole Nordang and then purchased the Black female Saga® Mink Top Lot on March 14th.

When considering which auction house to buy skins from, Mr. Li identifies the most important criteria in sourcing to be quality skins and fair prices. This is why he has chosen Saga Furs: Saga Furs employs the best grading in the industry to provide the highest quality skins at a fair market price.

Mr. Li plans to give one Top Lot Bunny to each of his business partner’s daughters. The skins in each Top Lot will then be used to make two beautiful velvet mink jackets for his wife. It is good that his business partner has two daughters for him to give each a Top Lot bunny because, for Chinese people, luck comes in pairs; hopefully this indicates good luck for Mr. Li.

Saga Furs has two more Top Lots to sell this March auction. The Silver Fox Top Lot will be auctioned off on March 16th and the Shadow Blue Frost Fox Top Lot will be auctioned off on March 17th.

Mar 16, 2016