Record-breaking Kastoria Fur Fair reflects market trends

Saga Furs was a ”Golden Sponsor” of the 43rd International Fur Fair of Kastoria, held 3-6 May by the Kastorian Fur Association, The Prophet Elias and the major venue TIF Helexpo.  Saga Furs was situated in a prominent position near the entrance where a record-breaking 1,339 buyers from 43 countries passed through the doors to do business with 120 exhibitors, another record breaker. Just over one-third of the visitors were from Russia, while Europe, North America and Asia were well represented.


Opening night Saga Furs cocktail party helps to raise the curtain for June auction

The informal event gave guests ample time to discover what news Saga Furs had to offer. The cocktail party was held outdoors in a tent and attended by loyal customers, potential customers, the local fur association and exhibitors.

A fair number of Russian buyers were also in attendance, as were local media. Some Saga Furs representatives were interviewed, giving the company excellent platforms to promote the June auction, innovative activities and the values of ethical practices.


Fox garments and accessories along with new innovation featured among exhibitors

Exhibitors reported satisfactory orders that were in line with expectations and pricing was a determining factor for many.

As a seller of luxury products, Saga Furs saw a steady flow of visitors interested in that end of the market, which remains fairly stable. Another bright factor was all the fox garments and accessories on display.

A significant number of collections incorporated lots of innovative techniques, many stemming directly back to Saga Furs Design Centre. Visitors saw a lot of fur-combo mixes and a rainbow of colours as well as natural shades. Whole-fox garments in natural and subdued colours indicated an apparent trend.