Sabatier aims at young fashion-minded Korean woman

The Korean retailer Sabatier has grown in the past 15 years and the company has set its sights on the 20-30-year-old woman who knows how she wants to look in fur. Feminine elegance is the route they have chosen to take, but without compromising the younger generation’s taste for something bold and new.

Sabatier creative director Eun Young Lee and general manager Jung Mi Lee recently  attended a fur seminar at Saga Furs Design Centre where they were impressed and inspired after seeing the thousands of technique samples, of which “some can be transformed for coming collections,” they both agreed.

Catering to a discerning market through a flow of new ideas in fur

Sabatier has zeroed in on fitted design with the desired lightness today’s consumer wants.. Combined with signature styling, the retailer’s attractive assortment of fur garments and accessories can keep them in the position as market leader.

Sabatier offers a broader assortment by combining fur with other materials such as cashmere, woven fabrics, padded materials and much more.

Established in 2002, Sabatier now has 13 stores and features the creations of five in-house designers. The chain holds a unique position in a very fashion-conscious market.

Growing awareness among consumers about ethical sustainability

Saga Furs products make an obvious choice for Sabatier and the Korean market in general, not only because of the exceptional quality of materials, but also because retailers and consumers in the country have concerns about animal welfare.

How Sabatier sees the future of fur and fur trends

The younger generation of Korean consumers is open for new thinking in fur. They like Sabatier’s ideas about combining fur with other materials, and using it for linings, trim and detailing.

“Fur can be more decorative and used for accessories such as pom-poms, key rings, bags, charms, scarves and more,” Eun Young Lee says. Smaller pieces also provide excellent entry-level products for the fashion minded young Korean fashionistas who want fur.