Saga Furs and Sungjin Fur organised together a retail event in Seoul, Korea

Saga Furs and Sungjin Fur, renowned fur brand in Korea, held a special retail event in Seoul before Korean Lunar New Year holidays. It was a very successful 6-days event bringing hundreds of visitors including special VIP customers during it. The event was organised in a large venue hall at one of the well-known department stores in the city centre of Seoul. The theme of the event was called “Golden Wave: Wishing you a splendid year with greetings from Saga”.

Sungjin Fur established in 1983 is one of largest and most respected furriers in South Korea and a long-time Saga customer. With good understanding of the market, Sungjin Fur is offering the most creative and design conscious fur items in the market. Also, they continue to contribute to public welfare and focus on corporate social responsibility. Joint event was a great success and the collaboration was excellent way to present the high quality fur garments from Sungjin Fur together with Saga Furs’s sustainability message to Korean consumers.

During the event there was a special corner with cosy sitting area and a display of Saga Furs’s unique technique samples which were particularly chosen for this event and the video footage from Saga Furs Creative Hub. Customers were sitting and resting there and enjoying their shopping experience, but also, looking through the lovely fur garments and learning more about the material and the brands. There were also several sections of display with different styles of garment which consumers could see and try. Saga Furs also introduced the sustainability message at the venue which gave visitors a possibility to be aware of the topic, to learn more about it and to understand that fur is environmentally-friendly and sustainable natural material.

To learn more about the Sungjin Fur, go and check their Instagram account: @sungjinfur