Saga Furs at CHIC 2023 (Spring) Exhibition in Shanghai, China

This year’s CHIC 2023 exhibition was organised during 28-30 March at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, China. During three-day event thousands of people from international fashion industry participated the long-awaited event, and exhibition once again presented the vigorous vitality of China’s fashion industry.

CHIC is a well-known and influential trade exhibition in Asia. This year CHIC 2023 was organised together with 1271 exhibitors and 1255 brands of high-quality apparel enterprises, covering 117,200 square meters and nearly 20 thematic zones.

Opening the door to hope, people rushed forward like a tidal wave, and CHIC2023 (Spring) saw a record high of 170,000 professional visitors in the event on the first day alone! These included more than 30 media outlets from around the world and more than 80 journalists from China and abroad. The buyers included large domestic regional buyers from places like Guangdong, Shandong and Sichuan, as well as international buying groups from Italy, France, Australia, USA, Russia, Turkey and Austria.

Among these, fur-related exhibitors amounted to around hundred, with industry clusters such as Tong Erpu, Xinji, Haining and Chongfu making a collective appearance in the form of pavilions, and all releasing a strong signal by focusing on the mix and match of multiple fabrics and the application of fur. Along with the technological and social progress, fur is developing in a more diversified, environmentally friendly, and youthful direction.

Saga Furs’ booth at the CHIC 2023

Saga Furs also participated in the trade exhibition with a hopeful mindset, appearing in the Winter Wise section in Hall 1.1, and attracting the attention of many professionals from all segments of the fashion industry.

Among them there were visitors who had previous knowledge of fur, as well as those who were interested in fur but did not have access to a comprehensive understanding of it. While visiting Saga Furs booth all of them gained a new understanding of the material through the information and explanations given by the Saga Furs’ staff.

Fashion designers were inspired by the fur technique samples on display and began to think about using fur as a part of their collections. Manufactorers learned about the entire fur auction system and gained deeper understanding of the various fur types and techniques. Fashion brands and retailers repositioned their fur products and, also, gained more sourcing resources at Saga Furs booth.

Also, the fashion media was active and raised some questions about fur when visiting our booth. Through professional explanations and information presented, people were able to understand the sustainability, traceability and certification system of the fur that comes from Saga Furs.