Saga Furs at Shenzhen Fashion Show 2022

Shenzhen Fashion show 2022 was organized during 27-31 August at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, in China. Saga Furs had a booth the fair area introducing a selection of mink, fox and Finnraccoon pelts, as well as creative techniques from Saga Design Centre.

With the theme of “FASHION VOYAGE”, Shenzhen Fashion show 2022 covered an exhibition area of 100,000m² and 9 halls. The area was divided into 11 sub-sections with 3 major themes: “Selected Brands”, “Industry Value Chain” and “Fabrics & Accessories”.

More than 1,000 brands, designers and supply chain companies from all over the world were exhibiting at the show, and more than 80 fashion shows were held at the same time.

The exhibition had a strong line-up of overseas exhibitors, not only dozens of high-end Korean fabric enterprises, but also high-quality fashion brands from Italy, Malaysia, Macau and Hong Kong.

Despite severe restriction in regards to Covid-19 pandemic, Saga Furs still came to the Shenzhen Fashion Show as promised, bringing a wide variety of high-quality Saga Furs’ fur products, such as mink, fox and Finnraccoon pelts, as well as the latest innovative fur techniques developed at the Saga Creative Hub in Finland.

After a long period of pandemic, fashion professionals are still persistently looking for changes in the direction of industry and in products, innovations and new breakthroughs, and Saga Furs is bringing exactly what the fashion industry needs. Saga Furs calls for the development and innovation of fur and is committed to providing more options for the fashion industry. In addition, as leader of sustainable fur, Saga Furs meets society’s current needs regarding the importance of environmental protection and the sustainability of products, and therefore provides strong support to the fashion industry.

Saga Furs’ luxurious furs attracted a lot of attention during the exhibition. The material and it’s 3D feeling attracted many brands, designers, manufacturers and other visitors. The visitors came both to see and to touch real fur as well as different techniques, and both received a great deal of praise.

Saga Furs also presented fox and mink fur garments, while trying to explain to the people in the fashion industry the process of making fur garments, e.g. how to make a luxurious fur garment step by step from the raw fur of Saga Furs, combined with the innovative fur technology of Saga Creative Hub, and finally after skillful craftsmanship resulting in a beautiful end product.