Saga Furs at the Preview in Seoul 2022 textile fair

Saga Furs participated in an international textile fair ‘Preview in Seoul 2022’ during 24-26 August. Over 300 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors gathered in one place, to find out what is new and to expand the understanding of sustainability.

Preview in Seoul is one of the biggest fashion fairs being held in Seoul, South Korea. There were over 300 exhibitors joining both from Korea and overseas countries, and ranging from fibre, apparel, textile, virtual fashion, 3D printing, material dyeing, machineries etc. The fair is a good platform not only to introduce fur usage but also to expand the network with various market scopes, to meet different companies outside of fur sector and to explore the latest trends in the industry.

During the pandemic, the fair had to adjust and adopt the hybrid fair format with online and offline together. This year the fair provided also online approach, but finally the visitors including international buyers were able to attend the fair venue in person. It was reported that the fair attracted around 10,000 visitors for 3 days.

This year’s theme was ‘Next Gate’ aiming to discover the new value and identity after the pandemic and to approach sustainable balance between human beings and the environment. This in mind, lots of companies including Saga Furs introduced sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Saga Furs presented fur pelts and the latest technique samples developed by Saga Creative Hub. All visitors at the Saga Furs booth were, no doubt, astonished to see various techniques and different ways to work with mink, fox and Finnraccoon. It was also actively communicated that Saga Furs has been leading the fur industry in terms of sustainability and certification for a long time to ensure consumers that fur is the sustainable and environmental-friendly material. It was clear that those characters are becoming the point where to meet consumers’ needs in fashion now.

Overall, the fair was a great platform to provide a good grasp of knowledge about Saga Furs, to add understanding of fur and convey the message of sustainability. Saga Furs booth was acquainted with good number of visitors from different business fields as well.

The Preview in Seoul 2023 is scheduled for August 2023 in Seoul.