Saga Furs’ auction result indicates the uncertainty of the world situation

Saga Furs online auction concluded today. In total 500,000 mink pelt were sold. In addition, on offer were 490,000 fox and Finnraccoon pelts, of which almost 40% were sold. Main purchases went to South Korea and China, as well as to European fashion industry. The value of Saga Furs brokered pelts was EUR 27 million (3/2021: EUR 104 million).

“Although the sales percentages of fox pelts were higher than those of mink pelts, the war in Ukraine had a strong impact on the entire auction. The war is reflected in the entire production chain, for example, as transportation becomes more difficult, as rising costs and as all uncertainty increases. In China, volume purchases are usually made later in the season and currently covid restrictions are still in force until further notice,” says Magnus Ljung, CEO of Saga Furs.

The next Saga Furs auction will be online in April 2022.