Saga Furs booth is source of inspiration at Beijing Fur Fair 2017

The 43rd annual China Fur & Leather Products Fair, held 12-15 drew favorable attendance and around 200 domestic and international exhibitors from the industry. Once again, the Saga Furs booth was the focal point for sourcing top quality sustainable materials and new innovation to enhance businesses.

Saga Furs’ booth featured a full assortment of Saga® Fox, Mink and Finnraccoon skins as well as and fur technique samples developed at Saga Furs’ Design Centre. A special display of garments and accessories created by Saga Furs demonstrated how the application of craft techniques to quality raw materials can bring ideas to life.

Business was the driving force for consulting Saga Furs

Saga Furs’ achievements in fur innovation were again in the spotlight, as innovation spurs business. The auction house’s reputation for putting sustainability and responsibility at the forefront adds another dimension of value for designers and clothing companies.

New visitors to the booth as well as older partners also found experts who could help develop future collections to fit market needs.

An encouraging note was signs of increased activity from the Russian market. This year’s fair drew more visitors from the region than had in the previous two fairs.

In previous years the fair has almost exclusively concentrated on export markets, but this year, added emphasis and business interest was placed on the domestic market.



Displays for a new year and from yesteryear added to the allure

Many parts of Asia will soon usher in the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rooster. To mark the occasion, craftsmen at Saga Furs Design Center used four different types of Saga Fox to create a fur rooster. The rooster proved to be a great idea, as visitors queued up to have their pictures taken with the rooster and shared the images on WeChat.

Three decades ago, Saga Furs and the House of Dior collaborated to present a milestone event — the first-ever luxury fur fashion show in China. The Saga booth featured a mink coat – created by former Dior designer Federic Castet – from the original 1986 presentation. Visitors were stunned by its luxury workmanship and timeless style.