Saga Furs Brings Winter Wonderland to Chengdu, China

Saga Furs promoted the values and practices of its business in a pop-up store in Chengdu, a fashion capital of Western China during 15-16 December 2018. The underlying purpose was to strengthen the collaboration between Saga Furs and its Chinese partners and to introduce Saga Furs and its sustainability program, but also to promote fashionable fur products to the consumers in Chengdu and increase visibility to our partners.

Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan province, ranking alongside with Shanghai, Beijing, and Hangzhou has the third biggest luxury market in China. Under the name of Saga Winter Wonderland, the pop-up store event was located at The MIXC, one of the major shopping malls in the city center.



The store had three different arenas:

Product display arena, which had two open spaces to display products using fur from Saga Furs. One area was for two fur manufactures who have the retail brands and shops, and other one presented new fashionable collections from three fur suppliers for fashion brands.

Saga Furs exhibit arena was used to present the technique samples and garments from Saga Furs Design Centre, to show Saga’s outstanding craftsmanship and creativity.



Photo shooting area contained the Nordic snow scene, the Aurora house potraying Nothern Lights, a café and an interactive area, where guest were able to draw postcards on wooden discs.



The event also had a group of models wearing fur garments and holding Saga Furs’ logo to attract a large group of people to take photos.



Many locals came to the booth for a coffee or to spend time in the interactive area and draw on the wooden discs. Especially families with small children were happy about extra activities as they allowed them to have a look of the exhibition area while children had something to do. We are happy to see that visitors took a lot of  photos with the Saga Furs logo and posted these photos to different social media platforms. In Chengdu, people really love fur and are willing to spend money on it.