Saga Furs and China – a proud heritage

30 years of developing luxury fur fashion in China

Saga Furs and the Chinese fur market have together grown much during the past 30 years. By supporting each other, Saga Furs has become an integral part of Chinese fur industry.

This November marks the 30th anniversary of the launch of luxury fashion in China, and the very first fashion companies to embrace the Chinese market – three decades ago – were the fashion super-brand Dior and Saga Furs. In fact, with the first-ever fur runway show in the country, the two companies sparked wide-ranging media interest when they entered this new market. Today, Saga Furs is an integral part of China’s fur industry and continues to be recognized for its innovation, unique fashion partnerships and consistently superior quality.

Collaboration & innovation

The fashion world has seen many changes since that first fur runway show, yet that historic event marked the start of a long-standing relationship for Saga Furs with the Chinese market – and also with the world’s fashion super-brands. Today, this potentially the largest consumer market for fashion, represents a sizeable part of Saga Furs’ business. Long-standing cooperation with luxury fashion brands, both in China and internationally, form the foundation of Saga Furs’ close collaboration with the Chinese fur industry and key governmental organizations. Saga Furs consistently creates innovative designs and fur techniques that support the industry, and Saga Furs also works closely with local brands and designers.

The close links with many local brands, manufacturers, designers and collaborators are highly valued assets for the company. “In 30 years the Chinese luxury market has grown into a 250 billion euro business. For many top luxury brands, including Saga Furs, China represents a substantial portion of their sales”, explains Asia Business Director of Saga Furs, Samantha Vesala. “During our collaboration with numerous Chinese fashion designers and design schools over the years we’ve witnessed constant growth in the numbers of young and talented people who have chosen fashion – including fur fashion – as their career path.”, continues Vesala.

To celebrate this significant milestone, Saga Furs is hosting a celebratory fashion show during Beijing Fashion Week to showcase the decades of fur fashion in China. Some of the iconic designs from 1986 will again take to the runway, along with the spectacle of never-before-seen designs from eight Saga Furs’ long-term business partners. These new collections come from Los Angeles-based Brandon Sun, Crystoline, Daiichi Madam, Enaga, HAZE and JAMES, Michelle Fur, Shulan, Yingdaak and Saga Furs’ own Design Centre.