Saga Furs cooperative negotiations have been concluded and the reorganization of operations begins

The cooperative negotiations started by Saga Furs on 20 May 2020 have been concluded. The aim was to reorganise the organizational structure and streamline operations. As a result of the negotiations, the cost savings target set for the negotiations was achieved and the decisions affect more than 30 employees throughout the Group. The savings will be realized for the most part in the coming financial year 2020/21 and in full during the financial year 2021/22.

In the future, the company will focus on the four main areas, which are the collecting and sorting of pelts, sales and marketing. The new organizational model is more efficient and better suited to the significantly declining fur production worldwide. At the same time, the target is to unify ways of working and eliminate overlapping responsibilities.

“The changes in consumer demand caused by the global coronavirus pandemic had a significant impact on the company’s business during the current period,” says CEO Magnus Ljung. “However, we firmly believe in the demand for responsibly produced fur in the future. The organizational changes we are making now will help us to operate more efficiently and focus our business on the core competencies of the company, which will take us beyond this crisis phase.”

The negotiations covered all of the Group’s companies in Finland, but the savings programme and personnel cuts apply to the entire Group both in Finland and abroad. As a result of the cost savings programme, including layoffs, the company will achieve 20% savings in total. During the coming financial year, 2/3 of the planned savings will be achieved.