Saga Furs and Fur Harvesters expand their services for North American ranchers

The goal of the cooperation is to continue to provide the best quality services and value to the North American ranchers. The hard work and success in securing the highest prices for the North American mink sold in Finland will continue. The experience and knowledge gained during the last 4 years of selling top quality North American and European mink under one roof has positioned us to provide the best results for the ranchers.

Two strong Auction Houses, Saga Furs and Fur Harvesters, combining their professional talents and expertise will allow us  to offer unparalleled service. The more than 500 buyers that attend the auctions in Helsinki will allow us to achieve the best possible prices. It is a simple formula to success; the best auction houses, the most consistent  grading and the largest number of buyers in the room.

“Auction buyers have committed to support our North American collection. We have built a concept that ensures that the grading, auctioneering and marketing of the unique North American mink is handled by the most experienced professionals in this industry”, says Saga Furs CEO, Pertti Fallenius.

Mark Downey, CEO of Fur Harvesters Auction Inc., adds that “this cooperation brings value to the North American ranchers as the whole process from collecting to selling is in trusted hands”.

“This season we are collecting more than 500,000 North American mink which means that the total offering of mink in Helsinki  will be close to 9 million skins. The high quality North American dark mink (Black and Mahogany) will be sorted and sold separately. This is being done to capture the unique characteristics of the mink and get the best prices”, explains Magnus Ljung, Saga Business Manager.

“I am excited to be part of this venture and look forward to overseeing the quality control of the North American ranched mink collection to be sold at Saga Furs,” added Dave Bosma from Fur Harvesters Auction.

Saga Furs and Fur Harvesters have an experienced team in North America that ensures streamlined logistics and shipping.

As the only publicly listed auction house in the fur trade Saga Furs finances and actions are transparent. Saga Furs is active on the pelt processing side and has secured pelting capacity at several top processing plants in North America. Saga Furs also offers a pelt advance and insurance program for North American ranchers.