Saga Furs’ Fur Vision 24 Tour Kicks Off

The Saga Furs’ Fur Vision 24 collections feature four meticulously crafted capsule collections, designed to cater to the contemporary needs of our dynamic world. Each sample is equipped with a RFID label, providing easy access to complete transparency.

When Saga Furs launched its first Fur Vision event in New York in 2000, the ambitious goal was to inspire not only designers and manufacturers, but the entire fashion industry. The initial objective was to introduce groundbreaking concepts for utilizing fur in ways that departed from tradition while remaining practical. This year, we’re staying true to that mission – encouraging and inspiring you to experiment with fur and to find new ways how to use it.

Introducing Four Capsules

Needless to say, the world we live in has changed dramatically during the past decades, and this year’s collection is tailored to meet the demands of our dynamic environment. The collection consists of 4 distinct capsules addressing the multifaced aspects of modern fashion, living and sustainability.

Two of these capsules are made in a collaboration with external designers – Italian Ludovico Bruno and New Yorker Romeo Hunte. The other two capsules are created in-house, centered around Upcycling and Interior. For further insights into the collection and its capsules, visit our latest article on, and keep a watchful eye on our website and social media channels in the coming months.



Tap and Trace – Full Traceability at Your Fingertips

At Saga Furs, we firmly believe that true sustainability means full transparency. This is why we’ve introduced Saga Trac, an innovative RFID solution that empowers brands, designers, and manufacturers with unmatched transparency.

Each sample in the Fur Vision 24 collection is equipped with a label with RFID technology, allowing people to have full transparency to the product’s value chain right at their fingertips. The Saga Trac tool lists the country and farm of origin, details of the manufacturing process and also introduces the designers behind the capsule collections.