Saga Furs holds “Fur and Combinations” workshop in conjunction with the Greek fur trade

Saga Furs conducted a two-day workshop on August 24 and 25 in cooperation with the Hellenic Fur Association. In a related event also held in Kastoria, the company presented itself at a “Fur Summer School” session jointly sponsored by Fur Europe and the Greek federation

The title “Fur and Combinations” explains the central themes of the workshop, which opened with an introduction to the auction house and the broad assortment of furs it offers.

A presentation of Saga Furs Design Center and innovation initiatives stemming from the company opened the creative segments of the gathering.

Participants got an inside look at today’s fur fashion, trends, and a variety of fur techniques for combining fox and other materials. They viewed fur-craft samples and got a detailed explanation on how they are created.

The crowning moment came when they were given the opportunity to practice making crafting fur samples they could add to their toolboxes.

“The interest for the workshops was very big and the participants were very much occupied in the various crafting techniques and procedures,” says Saga Furs business director of Europe, Julio Suárez Christiansen.

Saga Furs one of the “teachers” at Fur Summer School

For the second time, the Hellenic Fur Federation and Fur Europe held their Fur Summer School. This year’s event drew 31 participants from 19 countries. Among them were retailers, craftsmen, designers, fur farmers and others from the fur-fashion industry.

Regional representative Sophia Kourkopoulos delivered the Saga Furs presentation at the event, and gave a thorough explanation of the auction house and all its activities. She emphasized the importance of offering certified collections. “I explained the Saga Certification System and what it means to everyone along the supply chain, all the way to the consumer” says Sophia.

Sara Düring, one of the technique experts from Saga Furs Design Center introduced the center and told about its activities. To illustrate the effects of the innovative ideas stemming from the center, participants got a behind-the-scenes look at the latest fur trends and techniques visible on runways.

Sep 9, 2016