Saga Furs holds fur techniques seminar at ”Soft Gold of Russia” fair

Pyatigorsk has been evolving into the fur manufacturing centre of Russia and was the obvious venue for the 2nd annual Soft Gold of Russia trade fair from 23-27 April. A highlight of the event was a craft seminar held for manufacturers who found ways to improve their businesses through innovation from Saga Furs Design Centre.

The exhibition was held with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Stavropol Region, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Stavropol Region, the Russian Fur Union and the Association of Turkish Leather Manufacturers.


Saga Furs can help propel regional shift to improved mink and fox production

Along with the craft presentation, guests got the chance to become better acquainted with auction product, gathered information about the June auction and learned about 80 techniques that can be applied to Saga Mink, Fox and Finnraccoon. The auction house’s dedication to ethics and sustainability was also a vital topic of the meeting.

A significant number of the total 3,500 fair visitors dropped by the Saga Furs stand to talk business or inquire about new business directions. In years past, Pyatiogorsk manufacturers focused on lamb and similar types of skins, but have turned their attention to more luxurious types of fur in the past few years.

A majority of Saga Furs auction buyers from Russia stopped by the stand and some attended the craft seminar. Along with technique and skin samples, the stand also featured some garments and accessories chosen for specific markets, and some that had potential for certain market segments.


Optimism and realism were the main business factors at the fair

The fair drew 170 Russian exhibitors along with 30 more from other countries. Nearly all types of raw materials and equipment related to fur and leather manufacturing were represented. The first four days of the fair were “invitation only”, while the final day was open to all.

The overall atmosphere of the fair was optimistic, despite difficulties the fur trade has been facing. A number of manufacturers, however, even noted receipt of production orders for the whole season. Most participants expressed satisfaction at results they achieved and said they planned to return next year.