Saga Furs hosted a Trend Seminar in Korea

Saga Furs hosted a special seminar on May 4 in Seoul where people from fur fashion industry were invited to listen to what’s the latest trends for fashion and culture. We had a speaker, Ms. DS Sheen who has extensive experiences in fashion media industry, to share her insights and listen to what’s happening now in fashion world including fashion trends such as fashion design, colour etc shown in major fashion catwalks.

The audiences found it refreshing and helpful as it is important to have vast understanding not only of the specific industry but also of macro sphere to relate to everything nowadays. They unanimously agreed that one has to expose themselves to different perspective and diverse angles which can provoke some new ideas and help things are reinvigorated.

“We are very happy to have an opportunity to invite Ms. Sheen, a professional from media and fashion industry, as our speaker this time to introduce the latest fashion trends for upcoming winter season this year. Fur as a material material can be used widely in different categories of product for creation. It is crucial for creative professionals to have wider and general trend information as this can help generate new ideas.” says Samantha Vesala, Business Director, Marketing and Business Relations at Saga Furs.

The seminar was warmly welcomed, and we all hope that this can contribute some to those who working in fur business for positive outcome.