Saga Furs is Moving Forward after Successful Cooperation with American Legend

The alliance between Saga Furs and the Seattle based American Legend Cooperative will continue also next selling season. The 2017 March and June auctions will be organized jointly at Saga Furs premises in Finland.

Saga Furs auctions attract more buyers than any other international auctions, and the cooperation has helped us to expand our customer base in various markets. Over the past three years Saga Furs position as the leading international auction house has been consolidated. We have been able to provide excellent service to both farmers and buyers in a challenging market situation, and will continue doing so in the future.

Starting from 2018, American Legend will focus on selling only North American mink, organizing its own auctions in Seattle. “The change will enable Saga Furs to continue growing as a strong, reliable and global auction house”, says Pertti Fallenius, the CEO of Saga Furs.