Saga Furs June auction opening exceeds high expectations

The very awaited Saga Furs June online auction started today with more than 100 bidders from all main markets and utmost encouraging mink sale results. The biggest mink offering of Saga Furs this season contains large sizes and high-end quality. In total the mink offering includes 3.8 million skins from both European and North American collections.

Today on offer was 712,000 White, Pearl and Palomino mink pelts. The whole collection was more than 90% sold with full clearance on males. The clearly dominant market was China with support from Korea, Italy and Russia.

Prices increased significantly compared to most recent levels, clearly showing confidence in Saga Furs. After today´s results the prices of White and Pearl mink pelts have more than doubled in relation to September 2020.

“The result of today confirms the trend that began at our December auction. As the leading auction house we see this as a solid platform for the future of the farmers and the trade,” says Saga Furs Sales Director Mikko Hovén.

White Female Top Lot was bought by Alexander Tseikovich on behalf of Anna Kaminskaia Atelier in St.Petersburg, Russia.

The online auction will continue tomorrow with the sale of Silverblue, Sapphire and North American mutation mink pelts.