Saga Furs’ March auction opened with higher Silver fox prices

The atmosphere was positive on the first day of Saga Furs’ March auction. The auction room was packed with over 600 buyers who competed actively over the certified Saga® Silver fox and Finnraccoon skins that were on offer today.

The Silver foxes saw an increase in prices of over 10% compared to the December prices. The whole offering was bought mainly to the European fashion industry and to Russia, Turkey and Greece. Mutation foxes sold with firm to increasing prices to Korea and to the European fashion industry.

Also the Finnraccoons were sold mostly to the European fashion industry but with strong support from the Russian and Korean buyers. The price level of the Finnraccoons was firm.

The auction will continue tomorrow with the sale of Blue Shadow fox, Blue fox and various other fox types. The auction ends on Tuesday 13 March 2018.