Saga Furs’ March auction started today with a packed auction room

The start of the Saga Furs’ March 2019 auction saw a packed room with over 500 buyers with excellent attendance from all the markets. On offer were 54,000 Finnraccoons, 40,000 Silver Foxes and 66,000 Blue Frost Foxes and smaller quantities of different mutation foxes.

The buyers competed actively over the Finnraccoon pelts. The price levels remained stable and the offering was 100% sold. South Korea and the European fashion trade were dominant buyers with good support from China. The Silver Fox pelts were 80% bought at firm prices dominantly by the European fashion trade and South Korea with support from Russia and Turkey.

The offering of Blue Frost fox pelts raised great interest among the buyers and the prices advanced some 10% on average but with premium for better goods. For Blue Frost all markets were very active with South Korea, Italy, Turkey, Greece and China being the most dominant. In addition, different mutation foxes were almost 100% sold under good competition to South Korea, China, Russia and international fashion industry.

Overall today’s sales result shows that the buyers have confidence in Certified Saga Fox. The auction continues tomorrow with the sale of 455,000 Blue Fox pelts and Chinchilla, Farmed Sable and Karakul.

The Silver Fox Top Lot was bought by Mehmet Duras from My Fur, Turkey.