Saga Furs mink sales started under good competition

The Saga Furs auction continued today with mink sales. There were over one million Brown and White Minks on sale. All in all, the price level increased from the most recent international auction and were in-line with the European level set in February. The main buying came from China with strong support from the European fashion industry.

First on offer were the 550,000 Brown male minks that were sold at the price level of the most recent European auction.

The large quantity of 600,000 White mink skins interested buyers and they were almost 100% sold under good competition. The prices were in-line with the February European level and especially the classic nap increased slightly.

The 70,000 Pearl Mink was 100% sold at very firm prices compared to recent European levels.

The auction continues tomorrow with the sale of Brown female, Silverblue and Sapphire minks. The auction ends on Tuesday 13 March 2018.