Saga Furs’ new stand concept at Premiere Vision makes a splash

Fur craft tutorials, an inspiring presentation of fur’s potential, displays of fashion pieces developed in conjunction with our partners and a large open stand had dynamic effect on Saga Furs’ presence at the 19-21 September Premiere Vision in Paris.

Saga Furs doubled the size of our stand and placed it strategically near the entrance in an area of heavy traffic. The spatial appeal of an open-stand concept underscored by splashes of colour drew the attention of everybody who walked by.

The fair marked several notes of optimism. Total attendance was up by 7%, to 60,565 visitors from 129 countries, compared with the previous year, while the nearly 2000 exhibitors showed an increase of 3%.

Success stories on display illustrate value of teaming with Saga Furs
Apart from exhibiting a range of skins and craft technique samples, the stand exhibited an interior collection by Thomas Albrecht and accessories from Autumn CPH, Maja Cornelius, Wild & Woolly and Alexquisite. Saga Furs was instrumental in bringing to life all the pieces on display.

“Our new stand concept proved successful beyond expectations and strengthened our leading position in the ever-changing fashion industry,” says Minna Bedritdin, projects manager, concepts and collectons. “It was the perfect business platform for meeting people, inspiring creativity and promoting our pioneering efforts as the industry model for ethical practices.”

Saga furs was invited to host a presentation ‘Fur, Innovation and Creativity’ in a conference on the second day of the fair, an event that sparked added attention to the stand. Attendees learned about creative ways to work with and how Saga Furs inspires its partners in fur creations.

Each day, Saga Furs product development team held a tutorial to demonstrate some easy ways to work with fur. Participants – and there were many – walked away full of inspiration for developing new skills.