Saga Furs organised a Market Seminar in China

The year 2023 will be the first year after the global pandemic, when the world is open again and will be recuperated day by day. To commemorate this, the world’s leading fur auction house Saga Furs organised a market seminar in China named “Dating with Spring 2023”. As the world is recovering, it was a great pleasure to share information among partners about the business prospects, current situation and to be inspired by spring.

The two seminars were held in China in Haining on 11 May and Yuyao on 13 May. These two events attracted nearly 300 guests from the fur business, and the content of the events received a positive response and was highly appreciated by our customers.

During the events Samantha Vesala, Business Director of Saga Furs, showed a detailed analysis of the price and sales development during recent ten years, and previewed the supply situation for the next three years, bringing positive hope and enthusiasm to the industry. Later, she also highlighted the details of the upcoming June auction and introduced the new registration system of Saga Furs, to help our customers prepare for the upcoming auction. At the end, she shared with manufacturers and retail brands the trends from the four major international fashion weeks 2023, bringing more clear direction for the winter product development.

Nowadays, when online trade is advanced, the online sales environment for the fur products is also becoming more mature. As a result, more and more manufacturers are actively seeking ways to participate in the game. To meet market demand, Saga Furs asked the senior specialist from MCN company to explain the opportunities and practical skills on multimedia channels that could be useful in the fur business. This topic received active attention from the customers present at the event, and continued to receive more inquiries afterwards from customers who could not attend the seminar.

The exhibition area with the theme “Dating With Spring” quickly become a popular spot for trendsetters. “It’s great to see so many young fashionable ladies who love fur joining the industry. It’s the biggest change in almost ten years that I’ve seen during the time I’ve been working in fur business”, says Samantha Vesala.

We at Saga Furs, together with the beautiful Finnish June are looking forward to seeing you at the Saga Furs June auction! Welcome!