Participants of the saga Furs seminar in Yuyao

Saga Furs seminar in Yuyao brings reassurance to the market

November is always the busiest month for the fur trade- Product research and development, orders production, and next year’s planning, all at the same time this year when the dynamic changes of the international auctions and the market uncertainty are intertwined. At this critical moment, Saga furs came to Yuyao, a key fur town in Zhejiang province, and held a prospective seminar about Saga Furs auctions in 2020. The seminar was strongly supported and actively attended by more than 300 people. There were many questions about the offering quantity and price level of auctions in 2020.

Yuyao is an industrial cluster in China, famous for its mink garment production

Yuyao, especially the Langxia area, is one of the areas with the most concentrated fur enterprises and the highest degree of industrial clustering in China. It is especially famous for its mink garments. At the moment, the uncertainty of the mink market is a key concern, so the Yuyao fur trade pays special attention to next seasons mink auctions. The number of people who actively signed up for Saga’s event and the concentration of everyone at the event showed the need for this kind of seminar.

Jari Salmela, auctioneer at Saga Furs, and Niko Koponen, customer service assistant, introduced Saga Furs auction offering in 2019-2020 season and the progress of North American mink collected by Saga Furs. The annual offering includes 12 million mink, including 2 million high-quality North American skins. This accurate and timely information gave a confidence to the area.

Seminar participants in Yuyao

Introduction to the latest news about the Saga grading system and private visits to companies

Saga Furs grading experts presented the Saga grading system, combined with grading standards, automatic innovation, skin features, etc. Saga also analyzed the reasons why Saga grading has been widely recognized as the best in the industry, as well as Saga Furs strict, scientific, stable and efficient grading which ensures that all parties get the right price for their skins.

In the gap between seminar activities, the Saga Furs team also visited local representative companies. This event is believed to bring positive signals to the current unstable market. It is believed to increase the purchase confidence of mink buyers, and lay a solid foundation for the mink auction in 2020.