Saga Furs Seminars held in China

Recently Saga Furs’ China team hosted three seminars in Guangzhou Zhonglutan, Nanjing Lukou and Tongxiang Chongfu. Saga Furs customized the seminar in each unique area to cater to local demand by presenting skin samples to foster a better understanding of Saga’s sustainable products, reliable grading system and favorable auction terms. Meanwhile, Saga Furs also analyzed the latest fur trends and presented its findings to the customers to assure that they are up-to-date. Additionally, the usage of techniques developed based off the latest trends within Saga Furs’ ready-to-make garments is a large focus of the seminar. Saga techniques go hand-in-hand with this trend and make innovative pieces and techniques possible in production.

Guangdong – walking in front of transform

The Guangdong fur industry is the oldest in China, and fur has been produced here since the early 1900s. Because of this accolade, the industry here is also the first province to face difficulties and successes in the market and is therefore able to create new adaptive business models. Our seminar here shared the latest information and policies in order to help the Guangdong customers face the challenging business situation and find new opportunities and solutions.

Nanjing Lukou – an epicentre of traditional furriery

Nanjing Lukou has, since the Ming dynasty, had a strong tradition of fur. Most of the Chinese factories, from the south to the north, are using a furrier from Lukou as they are the most knowledgeable in fur techniques and making fur garments. For the past five years, more and more furriers are returning to Lukou to open their own businesses. As a result, Lukou has become one of the fastest developing fur manufacturing areas in China. Additionally, Lukou furriers also understand new techniques very well. Therefore, the seminar in Lukou focused on technique but also trend and how to make the garment more fashionable and contemporary.

Tongxiang Chongfu – fox center integrate the fox in a modern way

Tongxiang Chongfu is very different from Nanjing Lukou and Guangdong because of its focus on fox and fox trimming. It has become the leader of fox manufacturing in China. Due to the current market situation, however, fox fur businesses are facing challenges in China and are therefore looking for fresh ideas on fox and how to integrate fox in a modern way. The seminar in Tongxiang Chongfu responded to this demand andfocused exclusively on fox and fox technique. Thea Larsen, specialist from Saga Furs design center, detailed fresh and modern ways of working with fox. Thea selected Saga techniques that she thinks are a special fit to the market and the companies that they can use later in their production.

“To successfully adapt to the new business climate, deliver better customer experience and to guarantee a sustainable growth path for years to come, Saga Furs will centralise our support functions to better support the core business and to deepen the existing customer relationships in China,” said Samantha Vesala, Business Director Asia, Saga Furs.

May 24, 2016