Saga Furs September auction started with the sale of Brown, Black, Mahogany and White male minks

Saga Furs September auction kicked-off today in an active auction room with 350 buyers. On offer was a typical regular mink year-end collection including lowgrades and breeders. The pelts had a high overall clearance, and the buying was dominated by China with support from Russia, Turkey and Greece in certain sections.

The 430,000 Brown male mink pelts reached firm prices compared to recent European levels with good competition over lowgrades and breeders. Also Blacks, Mahoganys and Pastels were sold in line with recent levels with high clearance. A typical end-of-season collection of 83,000 White mink pelts were sold under good competition.

The auction will continue tomorrow with the sale of Dark and White female mink pelts, and both male and female Pearl and Palomino mink pelts.