Saga Furs’ “Share · Autumn 2022” Seminar in China

Saga Furs organized a two-day fur seminar on 17-18 August in two cities of China, Yuyao and Haining. The event attracted more than 200 participants and generated a lively discussion throughout the day.

The development of the fur industry in the first half of 2022 was affected by several factors. Turbulence in the international environment has had a significant impact on fur farming, whereas restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic have moved many events and fairs repeatedly. Business confidence at the sales end has also weakened as a result. This has resulted in more delayed promotion and fiercer competition, and the fur market has been slightly silent for some time.

As a leading company in the fur industry, Saga Furs decided to organize the “Share · Autumn 2022” seminar in August, a two-day event, with the aim of deepening communication with the industry practitioners, analysing and sharing information on the industry’s development, and continuously injecting vitality into the sustainable development of the industry.

Both Saga Furs seminar days were highly popular

Yuyao, as the largest production base in the fur industry in China, brings together fur manufacturers and skin dealers from all over the country, that’s why the first stop of the seminar was in Yuyao. The seminar was successfully organised on 17 August, attracting over 120 fur professionals and generating a lively response and discussion throughout the day.

The second seminar on 18 August also attracted a positive response in the fashion base Haining, with more than 100 participants from the fur trade, production, retail, etc., attending the seminar in person and communicating with the Saga Furs’ China team.

Customer seminar in Yuyao on 17 August.

Customer seminar in Haining on 18 August.


Saga Furs’s new CEO and Chinese buyers meeting for the first time

During the two seminars, Markus Gotthardt, the CEO of Saga Furs, met the Chinese buyers for the first time, introduced himself to the Chinese market and shared the latest strategic plan of Saga Furs and his analysis of the future trends of the fur industry. He encouraged industry peers to move forward together, focusing on long-term development and creating sustainable benefits for all segments.

Ms. Samantha Vesala, Business Director of Saga Furs, gave an analysis of the fur industry’s development over the last five years and supply forecasts for 2023, followed by details of the upcoming September auction, which is the most important information for the industry’s customers.

At the end of the seminars, Ms. Leena Harkimo introduced the Creative Hub and courses at Saga Furs and invited Chinese clients to visit and join Saga’s bespoke courses.

Saga Furs team prepared a special gift box for all guests.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone for your support and we look forward to seeing you at the auction in Finland!