Saga Furs sponsored ILOE event in Chicago

Annually organized, North America’s largest and most exclusive luxury outerwear and accessory exposition, ILOE took place from April 17 thru April 19, 2016 in Chicago, USA. This year’s event gathered together around 100 top luxury outerwear and accessory wholesalers and manufacturers from around the world. Each of these exclusive vendors introduced their latest styles to the North American fashion marketplace. Saga Furs has been the primary sponsor for the event over the last four years.

“We consider it important to be present at an event like this, together with our important stakeholders, fur retailers and manufacturers. For us they are in key role facing constantly more discerning consumers who demand top quality and responsibly produced fur – values that Saga Furs delivers”, says Charlie Ross, head of international marketing and sustainability at Saga Furs. “At the same time this is a good opportunity to promote our next auction from 8 to 17th June with offering of 4,6 million mink and 856.000 Saga® fox and 36.000 Saga® Finnraccoon”, Charlie adds.

Photo source: Samantha De Reviziis

Apr 26, 2016