Saga Furs Statement

With regards to recent media reports on foxes from Finland, Saga Furs would like to emphasize that we do not accept the breeding of oversized foxes.

We have seen the video in question and, while not commenting on its authenticity, have reached out to all certified farmers to ensure the animals are cared for with the best possible standards.

Farms are inspected regularly by independent auditing companies, 3rd party inspectors and both Finnish and EU authorities.  Following publication of this video, we immediately inspected the four farms that were reportedly filmed and found no suggestion of the animals in the video, or of mistreatment of the animals.

We are the industry leader in sustainable farming practices as well as animal welfare. This is what our customers expect from us and this position has not and will not change.

In addition, the industry has engaged additional veterinarians and agreed to re-double its efforts to inspect all farms and practices, mandating that any farm found to be out of compliance will lose its certification.

We continue to commit to the industry, the fashion community and customers that farmers follow only the highest animal welfare standards and best farm management practices.