Saga Furs succeeded to inspire new people to use fur

Saga Furs took part in Première Vision fair organized during 17-19 September in Paris. During the event Saga Furs presented the new Fur Vision collection, which will travel next to New York and Milan, Seoul, Tokyo and several cities in China. In addition, Saga Furs shared the booth with the Kopenhagen Fur at the Smart Creation area and educated visitors about the benefits of real fur.

With nearly 2 000 exhibitors coming all over the world Première Vision is the largest materials fair organized twice per year in Paris, France. In Première Vision you can see everything from fabrics to buttons and from exotic skins to Amazon leaves and yarns made of plastic waste found in the oceans. With the hype around sustainability and biodegradability issues Première Vision is an obvious place also for Saga Furs to be present with its newest collection.

The aim of latest Fur Vision collection was to inspire different target groups and, also those who usually don’t use fur. “For example, with the new techniques we try to minimize leftovers and contribute to circular economy and the 100 % use on the skin. The collection received really good feedback and we can see that we were able to offer something interesting and new for every need”, says Thea Larsen, Head of Product Development.

“During three long days Saga Furs booth was visited by many top brands, ready to wear brands, manufacturers and students. I’m really pleased with the results of this fair”, adds Minna Bedretdin, Project Manager, Concepts and Collections.

After Paris Fur Vision collection is travelling to the next fashion capitals including Milan, several cities in Asia and New York – the city where the Fur Vision was organized for the first time exactly 20 years ago. The Fur Vision tournée continues until 5 November.


Is real fur really sustainable?

This was the question often asked at the Première Vision Smart Creation area. For the benefit of the whole fur industry Saga Furs in a coopetition with Kopenhagen Fur had a booth at the Smart Creation area and stood for real fur as a natural, sustainable material.

Talking about the benefits of real fur, such as biodegradability, technical performance and circular economy helped visitors to realize that real fur is a sustainable option. If Saga Furs own booth gained the attention of people already using fur and existing customers, Smart Creation booth was a success among those people who don’t know whether to use fake fur as “they’ve been told” or after all – natural, biodegradable and sustainable real fur.

As one of the exhibitors of the Smart Creation described “this was a great place to be as here people are looking for new things and new sustainable options”. Many people were surprised seen real fur company in the Smart Creation area and two competing auction houses together, but eventually even those who claimed to be vegetarians and not liking real fur, came to say that this was a bold move and that they can see that there really is something to think about.