Saga Furs supports the fur brand “DIFFERENT&DRESS UP” show during Shenzhen Fashion Week

In April 2021, during Shenzhen fashion week in China, Saga Furs supported Chinese fur brand DIFFERENT&DRESS UP AW 21/22 fashion show. Diversified colors and innovative designs subvert the traditional fur looks, integrating fashion and fur to present a different and unique fur fashion story.

Yao Lili, the founder and the design director of DIFFERENT&DRESS UP, graduated from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT). She has nearly 20 years of working experience in fur and she has formed her own unique design style.

From the beginning of her fur design career, she had a relationship with Saga Furs. As early as before graduation, also with the support of Saga Furs, she was shortlisted for an international Youth Design Competition held in Japan and became famous at one stroke. After that, as a fur designer she had worked for several famous companies which are also Saga Furs’ key buyers in China. Her design style has always been influenced by Saga Furs.


“Fearless for changing” – the theme of the FW 21/22 fashion show

DIFFERENT&DRESS UP try to use various design elements to create perfect combinations. With the iconic fashion innovation and the mix and match design styles, the brand has become the fashion brand in the fur world and the fur brand in fashion world.

The theme of the AW 21/22 show was “Fearless for Changing”, inspired by what Yao Lili saw and felt when she took her kid to play with the bubble machine. When Yao Lili saw kids chasing and playing happily on the grass, blowing up a string of bubbles, the flying bubbles became colorful in the sunshine. These scenes are full of sweet colors and warm emotions. She had been moved by these moments, as if this is a kind of beauty of life. She wishes to be able to use fashion to interpret kids’ joy and beauty when they are chasing colorful bubbles.

Yao Lili, the founder of the brand: every material, every craftsmanship can speak

“The variety of colors, the exquisite techniques and styles of the products released this time make leather and fur become fashion items which are truly accepted by young ladies. The whole collection has younger look and convey a relaxed mood” , says Yao Lili.

Then she continues: As a designer, I didn’t limit my design style, but always insist on one thing, that is to make the products of the times. In the process of understanding Saga Furs raw materials and techniques from Saga Furs Creative Hub, my biggest learning has been that every kind of raw materials and every craftsmanship can speak. The designer’s job is trying to connect these words into beautiful stories.”