Saga Furs took the Fur Vision 2020 Tour to Chinese fashion capitals

The Fur Vision Tour 2020 in China started in Beijing and Shanghai. Fur Visions in these two cities have become annual must-see events in only five years. The third destination, and the newest addition to the Fur Vision Tour China, was Shenzhen, a ladies ready-to-wear capital. Saga Furs organized an Open House Day during the Fur Vision Tour.  The Open day attracted a lot of new people and prospects – designers, brands, buyers, and media.

The Fur Vision Tour was organized in Shenzhen on 21-22 October, Beijing on 24-25 October and in Shanghai on 28-29 October. The events attracted leading Chinese fashion designers, brands, manufactures, design schools, media, famous stylists, KOLs and fur trade partners. Visitors encountered an awe-inspiring collection of techniques.

Fur Vision Beijing and Shanghai were organized for the fifth time this year, and Saga was happy to see familiar faces in the event. The event was organized in Shenzhen for the first time, but it already gathered leading Chinese brands. Shenzhen is a well-grounded addition to the Fur Vision Tour, as its surrounding areas have more than 30 years of fur manufacturing history. The area is famous for its high quality fur products and developments in the industry.

Open House Day attracted newcomers

Saga Furs held an Open House Day during the Beijing Fur Vision on October 26. The Open House day gave Saga an opportunity to meet new designers, buyers and media. DHUB, were the Open House day was held, is a showroom organized by the China Fashion Association during the China Fashion Week in Beijing. It’s a platform for independent designers to show their collections and meet buyers from all over the country.

Open House guests were impressed by a full assortment of Saga® Fox, Mink and Finnraccoon skins as well as the latest technique samples. Saga’s professional team impressed new guests with their know-how on fur.

Innovative techniques presented at the Fur Vision amazed even furriers with decades of experience

Emma Vivian, Design and Product Developer of Saga Furs Design Centre, said “This year we really feel that we have provided a big variety of creative samples to cater everyone working within the industry. We understand what the industry is looking for, so we really focus on pushing what is possible with fur. We provide new technology to create new exciting colours and digital printing. And we do this all by with re-inventing old techniques so that we are able to lighten the fur, use less material and finding new ways to be sustainable and have no waste. Within this we also worked without external manufactures and an in-house design and furrier team to create the collection. The collection really celebrates everything that is possible with fur and is suitable for every type of brand: young-style, sports, haute couture and commercial.”

Saga Furs aim with Fur Vision is to build up a link between fashion and the fur trade and developing the fur industry in the Chinese market towards a more fashionable style. One Shenzhen visitor said: “I’ve been working with fur for more than 30 years. I thought I knew everything about fur, but Fur Vision totally changed my mind. I found so much new ideas and inspiration from this event. Fur Vision made me so excited again!”

Saga Furs’ sustainability program attracted positive interest

The Fur Vision China tour attracted stylists and Key Opinion Leaders to discuss sustainability. Famous media, such as Vogue, L’officiel, Elle, China Daily, LUXE.CO came and discussed with Saga Furs’ team about fur fashion and sustainability topics. Saga presented its zero waste Intarsia technique sample and recycling fox down jacket concept, which impressed the visitors and gathered positive feedback. Many agreed that Saga’s sustainability practices will help people to understand that real fur is a responsible and sustainable choice.

Some Fur Vision guests also expressed their worry about some brands and designers going fur-free. They were happy to hear about the benefits of Saga Furs sustainability program, including Saga Certification and traceability. “By being a front runner in Farm Certification and offering 100 % certified collections, Saga Furs has supported designers and brands in using sustainable fur already for decades. Fur Vision is not only for fur fashion, but also for fur sustainability. We bring faith and confidence to the fashion industry,” says Samantha Vesala, Saga Furs’ Business Director for Asia.

Fur Vision 2020 toured all the fashion capitals – New York celebrated its 20th anniversary

The Fur Vision Tour ended in Tokyo in early November after visiting all the fashion capitals in the world. Fur Vision started off already in August in Moscow and continued through September to Paris, Hong Kong and Seoul. In the beginning of November Fur Vision visited Milan and New York. Fur Vision New York has been inspiring the fashion world and designers with its innovative fur techniques since 1999 – celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

Guest at the Saga Furs' Fur Vision New York