Saga Furs turns around the mink market in the first auction of the season

Saga Furs December mink auction concluded today with encouraging results. The offering of over 800 000 mink pelts achieved strong sales percentages and the European mink collection was 90% sold. Prices advanced in average more than 50% compared to low levels of the September auction, with some types such as BLACKGLAMA males up 45% and Silverblue Velvet males reaching up to 60%. The increased prices and high selling percentages are first signs of a market recovery.

The auction was organized online due to Covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, and still 90 buyers from all main markets were actively competing in Saga Furs online selling platform. The most dominant market was China with some support from South Korea, Greece, Turkey and Italy.

“This was a milestone for Saga and we are really happy to achieve these results and prove our position as a leading mink auction house”, says Sales Director Mikko Hovén from Saga Furs.

The Top Lot of White Female mink was bought today by Tommaso Guida from Italy. GUIDA has a tradition of buying top quality and certified natural products for exclusive and unique customers and brands, which are the icons for world’s fashion industry.

The online auction will continue tomorrow with fox sales.