Showing Saga Furs inspiration in China

Two full suitcases of inspiration, 4 weeks crossing country, 60 brands and designers with more than 200 visitors in total. This is what Fur Vision China 2021 was about.

When autumn begins, the Chinese fur and fashion industries already know to expect that Saga Furs’ Fur Vision will land to the country. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, both the international travel for people and the logistics have been greatly restricted. As a result, Fur Vision 2021 (later FV21) had to change the form of presentation in China. This year, Saga’s China team brought the latest fur technique samples developed by Saga Furs Design Centre in the form of door-to-door visiting. This provided a source of inspiration for everyone’s research and development of AW 2021 collections.

Although Saga Furs team had to work even harder to make all door-to-door visits possible, the interaction and communication with the people during the visits was more in-depth. At the same time, when visiting one company or a studio more people were able to join, see, touch, learn and get inspired. This at the end gave even better results and feedback.

The pandemic made it impossible for people to travel internationally this year, which has greatly affected designers’ work of collecting international trends and inspiration. Although there is online information available, it is still exciting to see the real samples developed by Saga in Europe. The collection was well received by the fur trade and fashion world, they liked to see samples live and appreciated the fact that Saga Furs has been able to overcome the difficulties under the pandemic situation and brought the new techniques and inspiration with the help of Fur Vision.

After 4 weeks door-to-door visiting, China team showed FV21 samples to more than 200 people from 60 companies from Beijing, Heibei, Liaoning, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Shanghai, and met with leading Chinese fashion designers, brands, manufactures, design schools, KOLs and fur trade partners. 


Saga Furs’ sustainability program drives wider attention and brings confidence during the pandemic

Fur is not only luxurious product but, at the same time, also, a sustainable material. Specially this year, during the pandemic, many people have had a profound reflection on their life, including fashion. The concept of sustainability is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. During the FW21 event, the entire Saga team had plenty of interesting conversations with people who wanted to know about Saga Certification, circular economy, animal welfare and sustainability in fur. These facts and conversations brought faith and confidence to the fashion industry.

According to Saga’s prediction, following FV21 trends – Playful accents, softs and marbles, and natural selection – will be the main trends of fur fashion in the next AW season. How Chinese designers and brands will interpret these concepts into their fashionable collections, that remains to be seen next autumn!