Showing Saga Furs inspiration in New York

Several racks of inspiration, over 200 fur samples and 200 visitors. This is what Fur Vision New York 2018 was about.

When October begins, the New York fur socialites know to expect that Saga Furs’ Fur Vision will land to the city. Then came October 3 and 4, and the top floor of the Scandinavian House on Park Avenue was filled with inspiration, R&D, interesting discussions and business for two days. Charles Ross, the Business Manager of Sustainability and Supply Chain Management at Saga Furs, was very happy with the outcome of the event:
“More fashion professionals visited the event than the previous year. Fur is still strongly in fashion, not only in New York but all around the US and the European fashion capitals of London, Milan and Paris.”

Charles Ross was particularly happy that the guests represented the whole value chain of fur. There were both established and up-and-coming designers, furriers and dressers, but also students from several fashion schools that came in to Fur Vision to see how mink, fox and Finnraccoon can be used both in garments and accessories. According to Ross, having the young students come in and realise the multiple ways to use fur is the best way to introduce the material to future fashion professionals. Working with design schools is also essential in building up long-lasting relationships and the future of the fur business.

“Fur is not only luxurious product but, at the same time, also sustainable. The entire Saga team had plenty of interesting conversations with people who wanted to know about Saga Certification which we offer to all of our fox and Finnraccoon skins and increasingly to mink as well.”

Also interested in the event was a handful of North American fur farmers who are planning to ship their mink to Saga to be sold in the future. In New York the farmers saw how their hard work turns into plush products. They were introduced to the Saga way of working, and the farmers were particularly charmed by the innovativeness and heritage the Saga personnel have on fur. A part of their trip was to visit some 5th Avenue stores to see how fur is used this season, and colour wise burgundy seemed to be in fashion.

Will it be burgundy, neutrals or something else next season? That remains to be seen when Fur Vision 2019 inspires Big Apple in a year.