Six decades of fur breeding and appreciation for good service Saga Furs provides

Palle Olsen, 74, has been breeding mink since he was a teenager. The Danish fur breeder’s meticulous attention to his livestock recently earned him the honour of providing 35 of 40 pelts in a Lumi Royal Mink, top lot – the best of the best – sold at Saga Furs’ March auction.

Olsen currently has around 2,000 white, silver and palomino female mink on his farm in Bindslev, but after careful breeding, he will have somewhere in the area of 10,000 animals for future auctions. The main reason he sells through Saga Furs is the good service the auction house provides him.

“We think he has a ‘magic touch’ with his animals”

To produce the top quality mink he supplies year after year, Olsen has a secret. That secret, however, should not come as a surprise to anyone:  He spends lots of hours taking care of his animals. His wife jokingly testifies to that fact, telling how Palle’s first priority is given to the mink, not to her.

Olsen adheres to a strict code of ethics that has been constantly refined over the past 60 years. His animals are fed the best food and get the best of care, but he also says the excellent pelting centre he uses contributes to the exceptional quality of his pelts.

Happy to see top brands using Saga Furs and proud to see his own fur on the runways

Seeing the fruit of one’s labour in collections shown in the world’s fashion capitals brings a sense of satisfaction. Dedication pays off, and Olsen has not had a single sick day in all his years as a fur farmer (knock on wood).

Palle Olsen has been lucky; but, the harder you work, the luckier you get.