Strong mink auction at Saga Furs

Saga Furs online mink auction that started on 10th June was concluded today. The 3.9 million mink pelts on offer were more than 90% sold and the prices increased significantly in all pelt types.

“The price development is indicated by the fact that the value of mink sales at our June auction exceeded that of the entire mink sale last season, even though more than twice as many pelts were sold at that time. As a leading company in the industry, this is a sign of our restored confidence in responsibly produced mink pelts. The current price level has turned profitable for all mink producers,” says Magnus Ljung, CEO of Saga Furs.

Over 100 buyers from all main markets participated in the online auction under lively competition. China was clearly the most dominant market with support from South Korea, Greece and Russia.

The auction continues with the fox sale and will be concluded 17th June.