A stunning creation with Saga Furs’ support

A senior Fashion Design student from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Mr. Michael Oliu attended a Saga Furs’ Fur Vision event in New York along with a FIT student group last fall, when his studies were on the phase of starting to prepare a senior thesis. Today, this event can be considered a starting point of a stunning fur creation that Mr. Olio finished as his thesis this spring.

As a designer who is excited by new and innovative uses of fur, Michael found the techniques presented at the event extremely inspiring. The idea for his thesis work was scooped from a fur garment Saga Furs presented a few years ago. He had also visited Saga Furs website to see the videos showing different fur techniques. With the senior collection approaching he looked forward to interpreting what he saw at Fur Vision into his own work. With the help of Mr. Charlie Ross, the host of Fur Vision New York and the head of international marketing and sustainability at Saga Furs, Michael got some essential contacts and collected the desired Saga® pelts, Mink and Blue Fox to create the garment he had in mind.

“I personally am extremely proud of the craftsmanship and design behind this garment, and developing and working on it has only made my passion and interest in fur grow stronger. I feel privileged having all the professional support and sincerely hope that I am able to find a career path where I can fully explore and design in this industry. I cannot thank Saga Furs enough for the commitment to educating and providing for students who are interested in designing with fur”, Michael summarizes.

Michael will graduate from FIT in May. Saga Furs congratulates this rising young talents and wishes all the best in future endeavors!

May 11, 2016