Sustainability spotlighted at Première Vision as Saga Furs’ celebrates 80th anniversary

The Saga Furs stand at the 19-21 September Première Vision was a centre of activity for visitors seeking inspiration in luxury materials. Saga Furs became the first and the only fur company to exhibit at the fair’s Smart Creation area and to participate in the Smart Talk seminar on responsible, sustainable practices. The distinctions further highlighted Saga Furs’ role as industry leader in sustainability and drew attention to the auction house’s 80th anniversary.

We were happy to see the number of visitors at our stand and hear all the positive feedback about Saga Farm Certification. Young designers were inspired by the craftmanship and technqiues they saw and excited to work with fur,” says Minna Bedretdin, Project Manager, Concepts and Collections.

Smart ideas and inspiration backed by sustainability drew visitors to Saga Furs’ stand
Along with the latest craft-technique samples and skin collections, Saga Furs teamed up with two design students to create a “Fur Wall” installation with a series of fur samples in combinations with embroidery, crystal and flowers made from fur scraps. Also included was  a capsule collection that featuring three sustainable garments. In addition to business interests, visitors could enjoy demonstrations of some basic furrier techniques. Among those eager to view the demonstration were more than 30 students from the various prestigious designs school in Paris.

Pioneering in sustainability outlined in address on Saga Furs part in circular economy
More than 30 people joined the Smart Talk seminar dealing with sustainability, where Tia Matthews, business director, fashion, was invited to speak. She talked about how the Saga Furs Nordic heritage contributed to sustainability within the industry and provided a foundation for values of circular economy.

The Q & A that followed generated quite a bit of positive discussion and allowed an opportunity to correct some misconceptions about fur spread by anti-fur groups over the years.

Popular showing of Saga Furs’ 80-year heritage through visual display
To celebrate Saga Furs’ 80th anniversary, a special display was installed in a well-trafficked corridor between two of the fair’s halls. The exhibition featured signature garments and timeline posters illustrating Saga Furs’ as a heritage brand with its ongoing legacy to the fashion industry.

A large number of visitors viewed the display, took pictures and the exhibition got a fair amount of play on SoMe platforms.