“Sustainable Choices” Paris seminars gave valuable insight

Saga Furs hosted two half-day Pop-up seminars on April 17 in Paris where people from the fashion community were invited to join a panel discussion with three designers and participate in a mini-workshop about crafting fur.

Designers strive for creativity in materials with solid ethical background

Tia Matthews, Saga Furs Fashion Business Director, opened the sessions with a welcome address.

The three designers – Astrid Andersen, Jens Laugesen and Francesca Liberatore – each with a specific approach to creating fashion, talked about the choices and processes involved in their work with sustainable fur in fashion design. Each of the designers has been working with fur in their collections. The three designers, like numerous others, recognize Saga Furs as the auction house that has led the way in setting new standards of quality and ethics.


Exercises in fur craft demonstrate how Saga Furs techniques grace runways

Following the discussion, Saga Furs held a mini-workshop with demonstrations of fur techniques used in creating fashion fur. Participants got an insider’s look at how the company has become such an inspirational, creative influence on fashion runways each season.

To complement the sessions, there was a Retrospective Exhibit to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Saga Furs and the 30th anniversary of Saga Furs Design Centre, where the innovative techniques were developed and shared with the world of fashion.

The seminars were well received with lots of positive open discussion about fur, sustainability and design.