Saga Furs at the Beijing Fur and Fashion Fair

The 2020 Beijing International Fur Exhibition & Beijing Winter Fashion show

The 2020 Beijing International Fur and Leather Products Exhibition (BIFE) was held on 6-8 January 2020, in the China Convention Center, Beijing. Together with China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, BIFE jointly built a new platform for winter fashion – Beijing Winter Fashion Show (BWFS).

The 2020 BIFE had 142 domestic and international exhibitors from the fur, leather and down industries for winter fashion, including Yuanlong, Huasi, Yinshan from China, and Nello Santi, Avanti, Padova from overseas, and a number of textile companies arranged by China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce

BIFE 2020 Saga Furs Booth

Saga Furs’ booth at Beijing International Fur and Leather Products Exhibition

Expanding the concept of winter fashion

Nowadays winter clothing consumer demands are closely connected with different points of their life instead of just keeping them warm and showing their status. Professional clothing, leisure fashion, sportswear and other clothing categories which are subdivided according to different needs in life is a trend that has become increasingly popular.

With the pursuit of emerging sports by Chinese consumers and countdown to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, skiing and other winter sports have attracted more and more attention and participants. Taking this opportunity, BIFE & BWFS strive to integrate the traditional fur industry with new winter clothing industries. Using fur to improve winter functional clothing such as ski suits helps traditional fur enterprises transform and upgrade their business.

Saga Cup – A fur design competition to explore the future of the fur industry in China

The 16th China International Youth Fur Design Competition (SAGA Cup) was held on the first day of the fair. NAFA has been the cooperator for the last 10 years, and this was Saga’s first year as a cooperator and title sponsor.

The theme for the 2020 extravagant award competition was “winter trend symbol”. Combined with the upcoming winter Olympic Games, it inspires young designers to boldly combine luxurious fur materials with winter sports functional clothing and leisure clothing.

The competition sincerely hopes young designers would take the lead in guiding the whole industry to foresee future trends. While the competition introduces new designers for the industry, it also aims to popularize natural fur among younger generations and  ensure that fur has a place in the field of fashion.

The competition received 579 submissions from major design institutes and young designers from all over the country. The preliminary jury, which consisted of Saga’s representative, three fashion designers and the CEO of BIFE, selected 15 design works from 12 universities to enter the stage of production and final selection.

Saga Furs invited five partners from fur industry (Yuanlong, Yinshan, KC, HK Fur, and Zhijiang fur studio) to help finish the 15 garments. According to the rules, each garment should use Saga mink, fox or Finnraccoon with other materials.

The top 3 winners received an invitation to the Saga Furs Design Center in Finland for a one-week workshop to learn more about fur design and techniques.

Saga Cup 2020 winner's designs

The three winning Saga Cup looks, from left to right: first, secon and third place.

Fashion Night Gala show opened the BIFE 2020

As in previous years, 2020 the Fashion Night Gala show was held on the opening night, 6 of January, 2020. During each Fashion Night Gala, the companies participating in the organization of the fair can present their collections.

New theme wishes to guide the industry in a new direction

The theme and inspiration of the Fashion Night Gala show was “looking forward to the Winter Olympics and passionate skiing”. The stage design was based on snow capped mountains and dynamic ski resorts. Five outstanding enterprises, Saga Furs, Yuanlong Fur, Yinshan, Let’s Fur, and Avanti Fur, presented their variant design inspirations behind their latest collection. For Saga, this is our first time to show our collection during the Fashion Night Gala, as we are the major partner of the fair this year.

Fashion Gala Saga Furs

Saga Furs’ inspiration came from the latest Fur Vision. The collection presented at the Fashion Night Gala highly comprises the fashion trends that Saga Furs’ innovative furrier team has created for Autumn Winter 2020. Collection includes fur combined with beautiful woven fabrics, new colours and classic furrier techniques. In the collection, dyed Golden Fox has various and unique colour effects. The collection brings a fun, young and sporty mood into several new looks.

This time we also worked closely with Wang Yuanyuan, who is one of China’s leading fashion designers. She used her new textile collection to support and match Saga’s fur garments. She highly agreed with Saga Furs’ concept of fur and fashion. She said that fur innovation should not be limited to the innovation of style, pattern and technique, but also the innovation of styling and wearing methods.

Saga Furs collection

Saga Furs’ collection at the Fashion Night Gala.