Top Lot buyers at the Saga Furs auction

The Finnraccoon Top Lot went to Russia

After a tough bidding competition, Susanna Ribak bought the Finnraccoon Top Lot for Moda Fox. Moda Fox is a Russian fur brand located in St. Petersburg, that produces fur accessories, such as fur trims, collars and cuffs for outerwear manufacturers producing different types of coats, jackets and parkas.

Moda Fox have clear plans for the Top Lot skins

Moda Fox wanted to get the Finnraccoon Top Lot for a specific purpose: to create a beautiful display window presenting their fur products at the trade fair, and show their customers the level and quality of fur they use.

Moda Fox has been coming to Saga Furs’ auctions since 2010. They started with small quantities, but as their business grew rapidly they shifted to buy bigger quantities. Today they buy a great variety of fox and other skins from Saga Furs’ auction.

Moda Fox returns to Saga Furs’ auctions every year for Saga’s outstanding quality and the versatile asortment of skins Saga offers and hopes that Saga maintains the excellent service for their clients also in the future.