The first-ever Saga Furs Top Lot of Swakara was purchased by IZUO

The first-ever Top Lot of Swakara in Saga Furs’ history was on offer during June auction and was acquired by the Chinese brand ‘IZUO’ .

Ms. Chen Jingyi, the owner of IZUO, and her team personally attended the June auction. “Obtaining the first Swakara Top Lot at Saga Furs holds great significance for IZUO, which is why I had to be present in person,” stated Ms. Chen Jingyi.

Samantha Vesala, Business Director of Saga Furs, remarked, “This auction is a milestone for all of us because it marks the first time that Swakara lamb pelts were offered in a Saga Furs auction. The fact that the Chinese fashion brand ‘IZUO’ successfully secured the Swakara Top Lot in this auction demonstrates that the Chinese market recognizes and trusts us.”

Swakara boasts a breeding history spanning over a century, and its production is exceptionally rare. The unique spiral pattern on Swakara’s surface, is like a unique mark given by nature, which makes every Swakara pelt unique, resembling a precious handcrafted masterpiece. This with a natural color palette of black, grey, white, and brown, and over 200 different variations in tone, make Swakara pelts highly sought-after by designers and fashion houses. They are widely utilized to craft a broad range of top-quality garments and exquisite accessories.

The value of Swakara pelts extends beyond its scarcity and beauty, delving into the rich history and culture behind it. It serves as a testament to the Namibian people’s resilience in the face of war, disease, and other adversities within challenging natural settings. This precious gift of nature has become a crucial pillar of their lives.

As a newly established brand officially introduced in 2021, IZUO has already garnered significant attention in the Chinese market through its distinctive and innovative designs. IZUO’s mission goes beyond shaping a trendsetting fashion brand; it aims to impart positive energy and a sense of empowerment to the world through its products. By choosing IZUO, individuals can discover the confidence and hidden charm within themselves, experiencing the joy of wearing and living.

Being a globally trusted fur auction house and a pioneer in animal welfare and sustainability, Saga Furs aligns perfectly with the values cherished by the IZUO brand. This collaboration signifies not only trust in product excellence and quality but also a joint commitment to ethical practices and sustainability.

Ms. Chen Jingyi, the owner of the IZUO brand, firmly believes that every woman should possess a wardrobe with “sustainable attributes.” Clothes should not only be fleeting fashion pieces but should remain in use, not creating waste, evoke cherished memories, accompany individuals on their life journeys, and continually provide pleasure.

With this ethos, IZUO aspires to create high-quality products with an altruistic mindset, consistently pursue innovation, and wholeheartedly contribute to establishing China’s own high-end fashion brand. What IZUO is constructing transcends a mere fashion revolution; it signifies a promise of a better life.


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