The five major fur trends from Fur Vision AW20

As the number one source of inspiration for exciting new developments in fur, the annual Fur Vision event staged by Saga Furs not only offers a window into the latest fur techniques and craftsmanship, but also an unrivalled look at the upcoming trends in mink, fox and Finnraccoon. Following a successful tour of the cities of New York, Milan, Paris, London, Seoul, Beijing and Shanghai, we map out the five biggest trends to emerge from our creative studios.


Building on last year’s innovations within digital fur prints, the latest techniques allow for incredibly precise floral patterns to be printed onto fur as an exciting new alternative to intarsia blooms. On mink, autumnal poppy patterns feel like a high-resolution canvas, while printing the same motif on fox gives a softer, more deliberately blurry look.

Fine print trend


Perhaps symbolising fashion’s yearning for a return to proper craftsmanship and the handmade, a major story to come out of Fur Vision is folklore fur pieces. The folklore trend offers a more rustic way for designers to do hyper-decorative looks: with earthy tones and a mash-up of fur fringing, embroidery and appliqué work in mink and fox. It’s a beautiful homage to cultural arts and crafts influences from around the world and samples from this category were particularly popular among Saga Furs’ guests.


More akin to an intricate, artisanal terrazzo floor or modern art, animal prints have been translated into highly abstract patterns using intarsia and patchwork mink and fox techniques. Like the sustainable nature of terrazzo, which originated as a way to use stone off-cuts and fragments, this is potentially a wonderful way to minimise fur remnants whilst creating truly visually intriguing fur pieces.

Animal abstractions trend


Swapping wool with mink, fox and Finnraccoon, graphic modernity and time-honoured tradition merge in a new wave of fur treatments that all use heritage fabrics and knits as their point of departure. Tweed, tartan, argyle and houndstooth are freely reinterpreted in luxurious fur for a result that is both contemporary and classic, giving new life and a tactile 3D effect to the patterns. A major part of this trend is knitted fur on mesh, creating a sumptuous, elevated take on homespun yarns.

high-end homespun trend


Go-faster stripes and playful graphics tap into sportswear and streetwear with colourful fur treatments. With a nod to real and virtual sports, intarsia mink is used to create grid-like motifs while fox-on-fabric evokes hyper-luxurious football scarves.

press play trend

press play trend


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